Dear Eric,  I’m sharing my testimony in hopes of being the encouragement and motivation someone may need as they begin there journey on living a healthier life.  I was always slightly overweight and at 18 years old lost my sister in an accident.  From that point on I steadily gained weight until I reached a whopping 232lbs.  I came to a crossroads in my life where I knew if I didn’t do something about my weight I would inherit obesity related illnesses and my self esteem would continue to decline.  I chose to take action.  On January 24, 2005 I underwent Gastric Bypass surgery and began a new life.  I committed to exercise and healthy eating habits in my life and joined your gym March 1, 2005.  The guidance and education I received from the moment I walked in the door have been phenomenal!   I participated in the group classes offered three times per week.  Your support was exactly what I needed to create the foundation of a solid exercise routine.  I was introduced to a combination of weight and circuit training, forms of Pilates and a variety of cardio workouts.  I even learned how to exercise outdoors to add a variety to my routine.  I participate in special events such as the Turkey Trot, Thanksgiving and Christmas Hikes and one-on-one nutrition sessions.  I was forming new habits, getting fast results, reduced stress level and a genuine feeling of happiness.   Although I experienced days where my enthusiasm was low, I relied on my trainers to get me through my session.  I learned discipline is developed through action. With time I developed new habits, which in turn gave me results.  In October of 2006 I received the wonderful news that I was expecting my first baby.  I continued exercising throughout my pregnancy and on June 2, 2007 gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy!  I am back at my pre-pregnancy weight and created a new life for my son and me.   I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been!  I went from a size 18 to a size 4.  I’ve learned the secret to losing weight or accomplishing your goals is to have a decided heart, a support team and the determination to change your habits.  I wish everyone who reads this success, happiness and health!  I give my story with love, gratitude and a warm heartfelt thank you to you and your staff’s part in my transformation.   Yours in Great Health,  Connie Corral 


Helping out our grooms and brides to be is one of the most rewarding parts of our job.

Let us help you, or someone you know, make that transformation. It doesn’t just have to

be for that day. Lets establish good habits that can last a lifetime.


Body image is an individual struggle for many. Let us guide you through safe and effective strategies

to help you achieve your ultimate goal!





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