Our Trainers

Eric Bravo, CFT, Owner.

Eric Bravo is a native of Whittier Ca. He is currently a Certified Personal Trainer in Whittier. Eric is involved in his local community volunteering his time in multiple at risk youth programs. He has worked with The Whittier Police Departments Peer Mentor Program, and has also been involved with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department as a Personal Trainer for the VIDA Program. These two programs deal with kids who are at risk of becoming involved with gangs and drugs. Eric remains active in his community. He now serves as a Personal Trainer for The Boys and Girls Club of Whittier. Eric and a couple of his trainers have started a program through the Boys and Girls Club of Whittier called “Fit Club”. This program is for kids at risk of future health problems related to obesity.




Nargiz Bravo, CFT, Spin & Pilates Instructor

 Nargiz is a proud mother to a beautiful eleven year old daughter and lives in Whittier. Nargiz used prenatal yoga during her pregnancy to control her weight and maintain muscle tone as well as manage her stress. After delivering her daughter, she began using Pilates to realign her body and strengthen her core muscles. She has earned a mat pilates certificate and is studying for her certification through Stott Pilates. Spinning has also helped her to get into great shape and inspired her to become an instructor. She is an active competitor in natural bodybuilding shows in the bikini division. She has won and held Top placings in both Musclemania and NPC shows. She is available for training and nutrition for these events. She is also available as an instructor for Spin, Mat Pilates Boot-Camp classes and Personal Training at Back 2 Basics Training. E-mail her at nargizbravo@gmail.com

Sandy Hale, CFT


Sandy has been an inspiration to many and all who meet her. As a mom of three and grandma of five, she shows her clients that they can be fit at any age and with a busy lifestyle. Sandy has taught Step Aerobics for more than ten years and has added a boot-camp element to her class that we call Cardio Step.

Jason Root, MS, CSCS

One of the top kinesiologists Los Angeles has to offer, Jason Root works with those looking to alleviate chronic conditions or increase athletic performance. This includes LA’s top athletes, martial artists, fire fighters, police, and entertainers.
Jason has helped thousands of people alleviate pain, mitigate metabolic disease, cardiovascular disease, neurological disease, and other chronic health conditions. Jason was a strength coach with NCAA collegiate strength and conditioning at Arizona State, coached the powerlifting for paraplegics program at the Rehab Institute of Chicago, and developed spinal cord injury survivors to walk again at Project Walk in Carlsbad, CA.
Jason collaborates with LA’s top healthcare specialists including physiatrists, orthopedists, cardiologists, chiropractors, physical therapists, and psychologists.
He has authored two books: The Athlete’s Rx to Chronic Condition Management and RootHealth: Foundational Mobility and Stabilization Training.
Masters of Science, Biomedical Diagnostics
Arizona State University
Bachelor of Science, Kinesiology
Arizona State University
Functional Movement Screen
Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)
National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)
Performance Coach
USA Weightlifting (USAW)
Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES)
National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
Exercise is Medicine (EIM)
American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)

Contact Jason at rootfit@gmail.com or direct on his cell at 310-922-3849


Michelle De La Cruz, CFT

Michelle is a very passionate, and an outgoing person. She is full of energy and loves to help people. She is a Personal Trainer in Whittier. She loves to motivate and encourage women and men of all ages. Her primary target is women and men ages 20-40’s. Michelle is available for H.I.I.T Training, One on One, Semi-Private & Small Group Classes.

Her love for fitness began over 10 years ago, after having her son. She wanted to have more energy to keep up with an active toddler. To get back into shape she started working out with weights, hiking in the hills, Pilates & running. Michelle loved how great she felt after each workout and incorporated into her daily regimen.
During this time she took major control of her nutrition and wanted to learn as much as possible.
Michelle loves helping and coaching friends to exercise and improve there overall health. She then realized that she should do something with this passion. That’s when she decided to begin a new journey in her life career and become a certified personal trainer. email me her direct at: Fitnessbynica@outlook.com

Maritza Magallanes, CFT

Maritza is a certified spinning instructor with a love for spinning. She has expanded her fitness knowledge and recently became a certified personal trainer.

As i turned 40…i wasn’t happy with my health or my appearance. It’s not what I wanted for myself going into the next decade of my life…i wanted to be healthy, fit and comfortable in my own skin. So I made a change. I decided it’s time to change my lifestyle…from tacos and beer every weekend to good nutrition and working out every day. In the process I realized that I was inspiring others. I enjoyed that! I began changing lives by sharing my experiences and helping others set up their fitness goals and crush them. I loved that! As I began to see the transformations I realized I love the way that made me feel inside my soul. I knew then that Health & Wellness was for me. I knew I wanted to motivate others and help them become healthier and stronger not only physically but mentally as well. Contact her direct at Fitmag77@gmail.com

Maritza es una instructora de spinning que adora el spinning. Recientemente a recibido su certificado de entrenadora personal.

Cuando cumplí 40 … no estaba contenta con mi salud o mi apariencia. No es lo que quería para mí en la próxima década de mi vida … Quería estar saludable, fuerte y cómoda en mi propia piel. Así que hice un cambio. Decidí que era hora de cambiar mi estilo de vida … de tacos y cerveza todos los fines de semana a una buena nutrición y ejercicio todos los días. En el proceso me di cuenta de que estaba inspirando a otros. ¡Lo disfruté! Comencé a cambiar vidas al compartir mis experiencias y ayudar a otros a establecer sus objetivos físicos y lograrlos. ¡Me encanta ver las transformaciones! Fue entonces que supe que salud y bienestar era para mí. Quiero motivar a otros y ayudarlos a ser más sanos y fuertes, no solo físicamente sino también mentalmente.

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