Galubtsi ( Stuffed Cabbage Leaves)😋😋😋
1). 2 pkg. Trader Joe’s 85% lean organic ground beef or ground turkey
2). 1/2 cup of brown rice
3). 1-2 tbs. of cumin (or as much as you like)
4). Salt (as desired)
5). Pepper (as desired)
6). Small diced 1/4 cup of organic red onion
Mix it all and set it aside
7). One whole small organic cabbage
8). Small organic baby potatoes
9). 1 can tomato paste, 6 oz.
10). 1 tbs grape seed oil
Boil the whole cabbage in the water for 10 minutes on low, with a little bit of salt
After, cool the cabbage for about 20 minutes.  Peel the leaves very gently so it doesn’t tear.
Under the big pot ( I always use the same big pot I use for boiling the cabbage), put the fire on high, and add grape seed oil, add half of the sliced red onions and stir fry for about 5 minutes.  After, add the peeled baby potatoes in for another 5 minutes. Mix it all thoroughly. Sprinkle some pepper and salt and mix it in your stir fry. Add 1 can tomato paste after mixing.  Add 10 oz. of purified water. Make sure the water covers all the potatoes. Add the wrapped cabbage leaves on top of the potatoes and with the rest of the meat, make small tablespoon sized meatballs and lay them on top of the cabbage leaves. Reduce the fire to low and cover with a tight lid. Cook for about 50 minutes. Try one of the meat balls. if the rice isn’t cooked through cook for another 15-20 minutes! Brown rice takes a little longer to cook. Enjoy!!!

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