Breastfeeding Reduces Risk of SIDS .

Women who breastfeed lower the chances that their baby might die of sudden infant death syndrome, also known as SIDS.

A new study looked at more than 300 infants who died of SIDS and nearly 1,000 age-matched “control” infants. At 2 weeks of age, 83 percent of controls were being breastfed, compared to only 50 percent of SIDS infants.

Exclusive breastfeeding at 1 month cut the risk of SIDS in half. Partial breastfeeding at this point was also tied to a reduced risk.

The researchers recommend that public health messages aimed at SIDS risk-reduction should encourage women to breastfeed their infant through 6 months of age.

  Reuters March 2, 2009

  Pediatrics March 2009 Vol. 123 No. 3, pp. e406-e410

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